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10 Best Paperless Office & Document Management Tools For Mac

To leave a comment, you need to be logged in. Log in. Sign up. Sort by: Load more This is an update to my last review. Continued issues with the product hanging when quitting has caused me to abandon this product given the potential possibilities of forced quits corrupting the database. As such I did want to trust critical data to this product.

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Technical support for this product. After a number of communications with Mariner, the result was that the company blamed Apple for all of its issues, stated that they had informed Apple about this, and that Apple had done nothing and they were not to do anything about it until Apple fixed it.

Best for Overall. Best for Small Business. Best for Low Cost. Best for Collaboration. M-Files is a comprehensive document management system that contains numerous features to help businesses organize documents, digitize large volumes of physical documents and automate several workflow processes.

The interface is modeled off Windows Explorer and easy to learn.

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Rather than being sorted into folders, documents are assigned metatags that allow quick and easy searching. M-Files offers an on-premise, cloud-based or hybrid system. Go here for a full review of the M-Files document management system. FileHold's self-hosted document management system is valuable to businesses just starting out, thanks to its one-time payment and financing options.

The system is easy to use for employees already used to a Windows Explorer interface. It's simple to file documents away and even easier to search for them when needed. FileHold offers nearly every feature businesses need from a document management system, including collaboration tools, multiple remote-access options and numerous security restrictions. Go here for a full review of the FileHold self-hosted document management system.

The system uses a traditional cabinet-folder filing structure and provides several ways to search for documents. Go here for a full review of the eFileCabinet Online document management system. Ademero Content Central Ademero's Content Central is browser-based and can be installed in your office or accessed via the cloud. The system can capture documents and content from hundreds of sources, including desktop scanners, multifunction copiers, fax devices, email accounts and network folders.

Content Central converts scanned images into fully searchable PDF files, and all documents can be retrieved using content keywords and other index information based on the type of document. Integrated email and fax tools allow you and your team to distribute documents without external software. The system's workflow engine can manage your information behind the scenes based on system events or schedules.

Content Central integrates with many popular programs, including accounting software, project management applications and Microsoft Office. Agiloft Agiloft is available as a cloud-based or self-hosted system. It offers features such as full text search of documents and their attached files, a graphical workflow editor, revision tracking with check-in and checkout control, full audit trails, and email integration.

Alfresco One Alfresco One is a hybrid cloud enterprise content management platform that manages and synchronizes content across cloud and on-premises repositories.

How to set up a paperless office using your Mac or iPhone

The system's mobile platforms and application integration allow users to collaborate on content wherever and however they work. Alfresco One offers customizable search capabilities that connect users to relevant files, sites and people. Integrated analytics improve discovery by surfacing content and interactions, and help identify stale assets to archive. The average customer deployment includes more than million documents and supports thousands of users. Box Box is a cloud platform that allows businesses to securely store, share and manage all their company files.

With this system, small businesses can collaborate on any kind of document or media file.

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  • It supports more than file types, including PowerPoint, spreadsheet, PDF, image, video and audio files. Box allows you to organize files using a familiar structure that's easily tailored and lets you invite co-workers to view folders and customize their level of access. Computhink Contentverse Computhink's Contentverse is made for companies of all sizes.

    The system stores all contents in a digital file cabinet and allows you to retrieve any file quickly, even if you remember just a sliver of its name or contents. The system lets you view more than file types, regardless of whether you have the native app on your computer. The company's conversion team can even scan all your company's existing paper documents into the system for you.

    The software is compatible with all mobile devices and integrates with Microsoft Office. This system keeps all information in one easy-to-back-up database and presents it to you in a variety of ways optimized for your work style. The software automatically files new documents for you based on how you filed similar documents. The advanced search function retrieves the documents you need for your task, while smart groups present related files together.

    Businesses use it to electronically store, organize, find and manage documents. The software is typically used in various small and midsize businesses, such as retail, manufacturing, real estate, car dealerships and education. Doccept Doccept is a multiuser system that allows organizations to streamline business processes. The system uses the latest Java and web technologies, which makes it a cross-platform-enabled application. Doccept is accessible over a local area network or the broader internet.

    It doesn't require any client-level installation. The system is mobile-friendly and can be used on both iOS and Android tablets. Doccept allows unlimited documents, folders, workflows, document metadata properties, document types, roles, groups and users.

    DocPoint DocPoint Professional Edition is a document and imaging management solution for small businesses that deal with large volumes of paper documents, computer-generated files and email correspondence. The software is installed on the organizational server, and each workstation is securely connected to the server. DocPoint adapts to meet multi-departmental needs while allowing users to maintain established and preferred procedures.

    It can capture a large volume of information, as well as retrieve documents and records quickly. DocStar DocStar's document management system is available as self-hosted software or a cloud-based solution. The service offers specific solutions for a variety of industries, including insurance, financial services, health care, real estate and property management, manufacturing, legal, nonprofit, education, banking and financial institutions, and the public sector.

    Docsvault Docsvault is a complete document management solution that allows you to capture, centralize, manage and secure all your paper documents, electronic files and emails. The system allows you to access data outside your office using any web browser or Android and iOS mobile device. The software features electronic document workflows, version control, document profiling and tagging, audit trails, and email notifications.

    Document Locator Document Locator is available as an on-premises or cloud-based document management system. Version control, document workflow, paperless scanning, email management and a full complement of document control features are included in the system. DocumentMall Ricoh's cloud-based DocumentMall offers features such as full text search, document type indexing, auditing, check-in and checkout options, and workflow capabilities.

    DocuPhase DocuPhase's document management software features full text search, automated document routing and auto-indexing.

    The system links to your existing business software and applications, which means your documents and records are updated once and then pushed to your other databases and systems. Included with the document management system is a "lite" version of DocuPhase's Workflow Automation software, which allows document routing and workflows.

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    DocuShare Xerox's DocuShare is a cloud-based or self-hosted system that is available in a variety of versions. Designed specifically for small businesses, DocuShare Express automatically indexes document content and properties for easy search and retrieval. DocuVantage DocuVantage's cloud-based system includes document capture, imaging, archiving, optical character recognition, full text search, annotation, redaction, collaboration and version control.

    DocuVantage has four service plans, each of which includes 1GB of storage per user. The system can store a wide variety of document types, including scanned images of paper documents, contractual documents, word processor files, graphics files, marketing files, spreadsheets, PDFs, text files, photographs, customer service records, maintenance records, product development records, patents, patient records, engineering drawings, legal records, student transcripts, accounting records and material safety data sheets. DocuWare DocuWare can be hosted on your own server or in the cloud. Paper or digital documents arrive in electronic baskets that mimic the inbox on your desk.

    You can sort, organize, staple or clip them together, and add notes, comments, signatures and stamps before the documents are filed away in digital cabinets. DocuWare's indexing features automatically ensure all document types are filed away in the right place.