Repeat last command in excel mac 2011

Would you know if there a similar repeat key in Word for Mac as the one you describe in Excel?

Common Office for Mac keyboard shortcuts

Yeah, there is. You can follow the instructions here almost verbatim and put a Repeat key on the toolbar in Word.

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I have just installed Office For Mac The steps you describe for adding the Repeat command icon to the toolbar do not work for me. The dragging of the command to the standard toolbar does not work, although it is not grayed-out.

The Repeat Command in Excel for Mac

Do you know of any way to do this in Office For Mac ? Instead of F4 on a Windows PC.

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Did you mean the Paste Special Values command? The F4 key in Excel for Windows is normally a shortcut key to Repeat the last command. In Excel for Mac the F4 key is assigned to the Paste command, which is driving me crazy so I decided to do something about it.

The Excel F4 button will now work with the Redo command, which is similar to how Excel for Windows is setup. Note: You have to make this change to each version of Excel for Mac.

Repeat last action

Unfortunately this does not work as repeat in Excel The Command Y function is not quite the same as redo which the above process outlines how to assign F4 to Redo. I often use the F4 key Repeat Command in the Windows version to quickly delete rows and columns. I wrote a new post showing how to put the the Repeat command icon on the toolbar, which works even better.