Comandos unix para mac os x

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So, onward! From here, you may issue the command to establish the SSH connection to your server. The most basic usage of this is as follows. Be sure to replace with your site number.

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Immediately after issuing this command, your computer will attempt to establish a connection to your server. If it is your first time connecting to that server, you will see a message asking you to confirm the identity of the machine:. Make sure you entered the address properly, and type yes, followed by the return key, to proceed. At that point, you will be connected to your server remotely through SSH.

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Using SSH in Terminal. Your site number. Enable SSH access.

Replace example. Set your root password. Replace xxx. If it is your first time connecting to that server, you will see a message asking you to confirm the identity of the machine: The authenticity of host 'example. RSA key fingerprint is fbdf:dcdaff:9f. You will then be prompted to enter your password: example.

Comandos unix para mac os x

Next, open the Utilities folder. Considering the number of functions a modern network device performs, you can expect the list to be lengthy. A standard netstat report can run well over lines.

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Filtering netstat's output is essential to understanding what's happening on your Mac active ports. You can filter netstat's output with the built-in flags. These flags allow you to set options, limiting netstat's scope and output. To see all of netstat's available options, type man netstat at the command prompt. This will reveal netstat's man page. You can also view an online version of the netstat man page.

Netstat on macOS does not work the same way as netstat on Windows or netstat on Linux. Using flags or syntax from those implementations of netstat may not result in the expected behavior.

If the above shorthand looks completely incomprehensible, learn how to read command syntax. All available interfaces can be viewed with the -i flag, but en0 is typically the default outgoing network interface. Note the lower case letter.


This dramatically speeds up netstat's output while sacrificing only limited information. This command will only return TCP connections on your Mac, including open ports and active ports. It will also use verbose output, listing the PIDs associated with each connection.

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  • This combination of netstat and grep will reveal open ports on your Mac. Open ports are ports that are listening for a message. If you're not familiar with the syntax, the pipe character is used to send the output of one command to another command. We pipe the output of netstat to grep, allowing us to search it for the keyword "listen" and find our results. In addition to full-featured use through the Terminal command-line interface, some of netstat's functionality is also accessible through the Network Utility app.

    Open the app and click on the Netstat tab to access the graphical interface for netstat. Options within Network Utility are clearly far more limited than those available through the command line.

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    The four radio button selections simply run a preset netstat command and display the output on the screen below. The fact is that the macOS implementation of netstat doesn't include much of the functionality users expect and need.